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Cover ArtBless The Lord Who Gives And Takes, from the Parker’s Mercy Brigade album written by Kristen and Bobby Gilles following the stillbirth of their son, is the bridge between a time of sorrowful lamenting and stubborn joy. It’s about worshiping in faith, acknowledging that, “Lord, You gave and You took / Somehow for our good.” And ultimately, it’s about trusting that, “Help is coming from our God who saves / Who has numbered all our days.”

Download: Bless The Lord Who Gives and Takes (mp3 File)
Download: Bless The Lord Who Gives and Takes Chord Chart


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As the daughter of a worship pastor, Kristen Gilles became involved in music ministry at a young age. Accomplished as a vocalist, pianist, guitarist and songwriter, she has led worship in various churches and conferences, toured the United States from New York City to Dallas, Texas and many points in between, and recorded an EP in 2009, Embrace The Bigger Picture. Connect with Kristen at Kristen currently leads worship in Sojourn Community Church and was featured on Sojourn’s 2011 album The Water And The Blood: The Hymns Of Isaac Watts, Volume Two.

Bobby Gilles is Sojourn Church’s Director Of Communications, and works with Lead Pastor Daniel Montgomery to communicate Sojourn’s mission and vision. He co-wrote the children’s book Our Home Is Like A Little Church, published by Christian Focus. As a former radio disc jockey and music director, he was twice named a National Top 10 Finalist for Gospel Music DJ of the Year.


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