Make Your Home Inside My Heart – Sarah Brusco

The Woven Whisper worship album is birthed out of Vineyard Church of Augusta. The album features Cellist Sharon Gerber (collaborations with Sleeping At Last, Imogen Heap), and songs co-written by Vineyard Worship Leader Casey Corum.

The project gets its name from an inherited woven tapestry by Marie Kelly, the grandmother of Eben, Sarah’s husband. Marie was an artist in 1930’s Pittsburgh and the beautiful tapestry had always hung in her living room.

Released on digital by Vineyard Worship, The Woven Whisper, falls into the Dream Pop/Pop/Worship genre and “feels a lot like that split second in between sleeping & waking.”

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One response to “Make Your Home Inside My Heart – Sarah Brusco”

  1. Bernadette Matera-Stacey Avatar
    Bernadette Matera-Stacey

    A beautiful love song to Jesus. The harmony and cello are simple and balance the woman’s voice so well. The chords shown on screen, so I can play along are a great idea, thanks!

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