Download Ascribe from New Life Worship’s Soak Album (Integrity Music)


New Life Worship has released a beautiful album filled with great instrumental tracks called Soak.

Based at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the team originally created SOAK for their own congregation, crafting the album for use with devotionals and for moments of prayer and reflection.

“Throughout Scripture, we see the gift of music used to prepare our hearts, to bring rest and healing,” explains New Life Worship Pastor Jon Egan. “David played his harp over Saul and evil left. Musicians played before Elisha prophesied over a nation.”

“Where words cannot speak to hurting hearts, music can,” he continues. “That is our prayer for this project, for you to be still and just soak in the presence of God and then hopefully hear from Him. Don’t sing, just receive.”


Ascribe (mp3)

SOAK is available through all major digital service providers, including iTunes and Amazon.

More information here.


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  1. Ascribe unto the Lord! It took me awhile but suddenly I realized I know this song! Beautiful instrumental arrangement. Can’t wait to use it for soaking.

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