[9] Merry Christmas from Highest Praise

Hey Ya’ll –

Phew – it’s been way to long since I did a podcast – Nov. 7 to be exact. I hope to get back on track quickly. Today’s podcast is our “Christmas Podcast” and rather than leading worship, I’ve put together a few songs I thought you’d enjoy.

Be sure to leave your comments as to who you are and where you are listening from – we love hearing from you.

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The Show:

“Fix My Eyes” – Radio Cut from the soon-to-be-released “Worship Under The Stars” record. This is the shortened version – the full length version will be available on the CD and the DVD of the “Worship Under the Stars” concert recorded back in September, 2005. For lyrics, leadsheets, chord charts, etc., go to our Music & Media Songlist.

“Go Tell It On The Mountain” – featuring David Baroni on his new “Christmas” Fingerpaintings CD, available at www.instrumentalworship.com

“Thank You” – featuring worship leader/songwriter Klaus Kluen of Dallas, TX

God bless you, and Merry Christmas!


2 responses to “[9] Merry Christmas from Highest Praise”

  1. Wow, great, a new podcast, so far so good. (Just got it downloaded 5 minutes or so, just so good that I’ll stay awake for another 15 min or so.) The clock is still to far away from bedtime (almost 2 hours after midnight).

    I just wan’t to know that I haven’t missed the show any minute, but I’ve got to admit I’ve played the last shows a couple of times. (uncountable, just as the stars, at least almost).

  2. I’m pretty new to this podcasting & was blessed to subscribe & listen to your podcasts, & I would like to encourage you and your friends to continue this ministry as these podcasts span the globe. I’m listening here in Northern Ireland & will be looking forward to further podcasts

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