Worship Under The Stars – Radio Ad

Welcome to the launch of the “Highest Praise Podcast”.

For our first podcast, we’re testing by sending a special promotional radio spot. This is a radio ad by WECC FM 89.3 “The Lighthouse” in St. Mary’s Georgia, announcing the release of our “Worship Under The Stars” concert on Saturday, Sept 10, 2005 in the Jekyll Island Amphitheater. The event will be held at 7:00 PM, and will feature Fred McKinnon as the worship leader. Vertical Window, a local band from First Baptist Church of Brunswick, GA will be the opening band.

I thought this would be a great ‘test’ for the new “Highest Praise” podcast!
Download the Radio Spot

Let me know if you receive this in ITunes or other PodCasting apps!
Fred McKinnon


6 responses to “Worship Under The Stars – Radio Ad”

  1. Bill Swingle Avatar
    Bill Swingle

    I received this podcast via Itunes. It is the best that I have heard yet in Christian music pod cast. I really like the content and style and am looking forward to more like this. Thank you for your podcast and may God bless this ministry.

    Bill Swingle
    Lompoc, CA

  2. Ed Smith Avatar
    Ed Smith

    I am a missionary in Romania, with the Evangelical Free Church, We are from Minnesota, but have been to St. Simons (spelling) because my sister lives in Athens, Ga. I got up early this morning to try to find some new music for our Christian school here. I am helping the students who are leading the worship for the weekly chapel.

    Our school is called Bucharest Christian Academy, and the students love to sing and play and praise, but our music selection needs a little freshening up. The podcast is a great ministry, and thanks for doing the work.

    My family includes two teenage girls and a 12 year old boy who are involved in the music, so it is good to have a website they can listen to get familiar with new songs. We normally would hear new songs from time to time at our Minnesota church, but we have only been there once in the past two years.

    I want to make sure that if we use any of the music that we are using it legally, so if you can help us with that aspect, we would appreciate it. Thanks again.

  3. Ricke Carter Avatar
    Ricke Carter

    Wow, this is great podcast that I will be looking forward for more. I hope and pray this ministry will grow. I am listening from Scottsdale, Arizona and I am 54 years old. Thank you

  4. JaRon Snow Avatar
    JaRon Snow

    I’ve only listed to one of your broadcast and the video of John Manderville. I was truly blessed by the spirit of your worship. Please do more!

  5. Pastor Cheryl Avatar
    Pastor Cheryl

    I am blessed, with such anointed music, I am so happy to find someone of like precious faith. GOD BLESS YOUR ENDEAVORS.
    May God continue to use you. The best podcast out there.

  6. Pastor Cheryl Avatar
    Pastor Cheryl

    Superb worship, anointed worship, a heart felt worship, so blessed to have found you. Please do more, from one heart of worhip to another! God Bless Your Ministry, you are an absolute blessing to the Body of Christ, don’t stop, don’t cave in, don’t be discouraged in well doing, you will certainly reap if you faint not.
    Thank God for you!!!!

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