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Professional Services from
"Highest Praise" Productions

"Highest Praise" Productions offers a variety of "professional services" for churches, worship leaders, songwriters, publishing companies, and businesses. Our goal is to provide professional, quality service with a spirit of excellence, and that what we do will be a part of someone's vision to glorify God and bring Him the "highest praise".

From simple "one song" demo production services and music transcription to full production packages including live and/or studio recording, oversight of royalties, duplication, music production, arranging, and multimedia websites to promote your ministry, band, or concept - "Highest Praise" Productions is availalbe to meet your needs.


Below is a review of some of the many services offered by the "HPP" team.

Professional music production and recording
(single unit demos, online collaboration, MIDI programming, or full production/recording packages)
Multimedia services
(conversion of audio>MP3 internet audio, RealMedia, WindowsMedia, etc, QuickTime video)
Professional, Guaranteed Christian Web Hosting
(via our subsidiary company, HPP Christian Web Hosting Solutions)
Music transcription and Custom Leadsheet service/arranging
(publish quality music transcription and creation/arranging of custom leadsheets to your music, etc.)
Christian Music Publishing and Music Publishing Administration Services
(via our subsidiary company, HPP Publishing Company)


Music Production, Recording, and Arranging

The work of Fred F. McKinnon and "Highest Praise" Productions is heard on many christian recordings, and has been used for clients such as Lynn DeShazo (Staff Songwriter for Integrity Music, Inc), Neil Bush (Open Door Ministries), Christian Renewal Records, and many other independent artists. We can provide quality musicianship and writing for your recording, and HPP has full packages available for live/remote and studio recordings.

HPP is also available to produce "demo" material for songwriters and worship leaders who wish to have their songs recorded and produced for distribution.

We offer complete packages, including:

Live (remote - on location) and/or Studio Recording
Pre-Production rehearsals, arranging, musicianship
Travel to your site, or arrange travel to our studios
Professional Studio Mixing and Mastering
Digital Audio Editing
Administration of Mechanical Royalties for "Cover" songs on your project
Oversight of CD/Cassette Duplication & Distribution

Administration of Budget (paying musicians, engineers, studio, duplicators, designers, etc)

If you are a church worship team, Christian band, or ministry and would like a quote on using our studios, or contracting "Highest Praise" Productions to produce/record your live recording, contact us!

If you would like to have professional demos produced of your original music so that you can promote the song(s) online and/or to other worship leaders, publishing companies, record companies, etc., contact us!


Multimedia Services

We at "Highest Praise" Productions realize that being on the cutting edge of multimedia development is crucial to surviving in our "technological" world. For those who do not have the skills, equipment, or even for those who simply just do not have the TIME, our team at HPP can provide professional services with your music and ideas, including...

Conversion of audio to MP3, RealAudio, and/or Windows Media files for internet playback and promotion
Editing and conversion of digital video for "QuickTime" movies and/or RealMedia/RealVideo playback.
Professional Hosting of Web Pages, "Flash/Shockwave" technology and design.

For a quote, or to discuss your ideas, contact us!


Professional, Guaranteed Christian Web Hosting

HPP Christian Web Hosting Solutions, a subsidiary of "Highest Praise" Productions. was created to offer top-notch, professional web hosting and e-commerce services to our music production clients. Since it's inception, HPP Christian Hosting Solutions has grown to a total hosting provider, offering great hosting packages with 99.9% uptime guarantees, awesome features, skilled tech support staff, and professional design/ecommerce assistance.

HPP Christian Hosting Solutions now offers "headache free" hosting and design solutions to churches, ministries, and businesses all over the world.

Visit "HPP Christian Web Hosting Solutions" for more information, and to receive a free consultation!


Custom Arranging, Transcription, and Leadsheet Service

HPP can create custom leadsheets (including melody line, chords, lyrics, etc) to YOUR songs, making them available in print form, Adobe Acrobat's .PDF format (for online viewing), Finale's "Finale Viewer" format, and other methods of distribution. HPP can even transcribe/create your music and make it available online at "Net4Music.Com" in your own store where it can be sold.

If you have songs that you would like to have transcribed, arranged, or printed, please contact us!


Christian Music Publishing and Publishing Administration

Our publishing division, "HPP Publishing Company" is a full service publisher. We have publishing catalogs that are affiliated with both BMI and ASCAP, and all of our music is authorized by CCLI. Many of the songs are writers have written have been recorded on commercial and independent Christian recordings. We also use the internet to promote and publish our songs.

In addition to being a full publisher, HPP Publishing Company also offers "publishing administration" services to existing publishing companies for an adminsitrative percentage fee. Our administration services include submitting songs to the appropriate PRO (Performing Rights Organizations), clearing songs with CCLI, issuing and collecting royalties on mechanical, sync, and print licenses, and royalty payment distributions.

For more info, visit our "HPP Publishing Company" section of this site.


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