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"Open Door Ministries"
Neil Bush, Founder & Minister


Neil Bush is the founder of "Open Door Ministries", which is located out of Port Wentworth, GA - a city near Savannah, Georgia.

Neil's ministry began several years ago as a ministry outreach to prisoners. Since then, Neil travels to churches and ministers in a special, unique anointing to impart renewal, revival, and the fire of the Holy Spirit to believers everywhere.

In additon, Neil Bush is the evangelist for "Joel's Place", a "nightclub bar scene" outside of Savannah, GA which is used to host special renewal services during the week.

Neil's first album, "Rain On Me" was produced by Fred F. McKinnon for "Highest Praise" Productions. It was recorded LIVE at Statesboro New Covenant Church in Statesboro, GA. One thing was clear from the pre-production meetings regarding this live night of worship - it was to remain LIVE. We chose to keep the album as "raw and live" as possible, with minimum studio overdubs.

Neil was joined by his band and ministry team, "Open Door" Ministries, and had a 50+ piece choir backing them up. With the exception of the popular "Sunrise" chorus (Public Domain), every song on this album is original and READY for use in churches.

"Rain On Me" is now heard on radio stations across the United States, and is currently being distributed in the Phillipines by Shekinah Music & Recording. Many of the songs on this album have been in the "Top 10" Christian Music charts at the popular MP3.com music site on the internet.

For more information on Neil Bush's ministry, or to contact him, visit the "Open Door Ministries" website, which is hosted by HPP Christian Web Hosting.

Songs include: (click song titles for lyric previews, leadsheets, and audio)

  • "Sunrise" - Public Domain
  • "Rain On Me" - Words and Music by Neil Bush, ©1997, HPP Publishing Company/BMI
  • "I Feel The Rain (and it's fallin' down) - Words and Music by Neil Bush, ©1997, HPP Publishing Company/BMI
  • "Send the Fire, Lord" - Words and Music by Neil Bush, ©1997, HPP Publishing Company/BMI
  • "Enter In" - Words and Music by Neil Bush and Michael Cowan, ©1997, HPP Publishing Company/BMI
  • "Blessed Be (Let Us Break the Flask)" - Words and Music by Peter Bragg, ©1997, HPP Publishing Company/BMI
  • "Change Me, Lord" - Words and Music by Kathy Leonard and Fred F. McKinnon, ©1997, HPP Publishing Company/BMI
  • "Oh To Know You In Your Glory" - Words and Music by Jerry Holman, ©1997, Christian Renewal Publishing/BMI
  • "Alleluia" - Words and Music by Neil Bush, ©1997, HPP Publishing Company/BMI
  • "Rain On Me" (reprise)

Listen to Neil Bush at mp3.com!

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