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"Highest Praise" Productions
Vision and Mission Statement

Greetings, and thanks for taking a moment to read this short description. With all of the sites on the internet, and all the "Christian" music sites, I want to explain my vision and purpose. For more information on my personal background, check out my "bio" page.

"HPP" was birthed several years ago when I began to produce and arrange Christian music for different clients. At last, the desire of my heart was a reality - I was producing and arranging Christian music that glorified God.

Since the birth of "HPP", I have fallen in love with "leading worship". As a "Chief Musician/Worship Leader", on staff at my local church, I have the privilege of leading people into worship every Sunday. In my experiences leading worship, I have a new, fresh desire to see Christians get a deeper revelation of worship in "spirit and truth".

The purpose of "HPP" is to provide professional, excellent music that glorifies God. This is accomplished through music production in recordings, studios, etc. It is also accomplished in the publishing of Christian music, and the promotion of anointed songwriters and artists. That is what birthed the "HPP Music and Media" section of this site - my contact with anointed songwriters who need an outlet to get the songs that the Lord has given them out before the public.

Also - the "Music and Media" section of this site brings a new worship resource to churches, and it is FREE. Many churches and small groups are unable to have large "praise bands", or afford "subscriptions" to all the providers of praise/worship music. A worship leader, minister of music, or individual can download great choruses, leadsheets, MIDI files, and overhead masters from the site for FREE. Although our songs are covered by the Church Copyright License (CCLI), and we encourage people to include our material in their CCLI review, no one is refused the opportunity to download files.

Finally - my personal ministry and vision. As a "chief musician" and "worship leader", I have a vision to go into churches, conferences, and other avenues of "performance" to proclaim the goodness of God Almighty in music and song. I believe that God has "called, anointed, and appointed" me to go forth and do this. My vision is that no matter where I am ministering . . .in a church, conference, or even in a "concert" . . . that the following would occur, as was prophesied over me two years ago:

"As you play, My mercy shall fall, My holy fire will burn out the dross, My healing waters flow, and My Word cleanses . . . Reconciliation shall take place and healing and deliverance, salvation, and baptism of the Holy Spirit be poured out and overtake My people . . ."

If you believe in this vision, and you desire to know more about the possibility of having me minister in your church or meeting - please email me, and let's get to know one another!


Fred F. McKinnon, President
"Highest Praise" Productions

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