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Download this beautiful praise anthem from the Kingdom EP called Radiance by Gary Durbin that declares the glory of God!

Gary says: I had recently heard a message from John Piper talking about the glory that radiates from God’s holiness and it inspired me to focus on the word “radiance.” Hebrews 1:3 says, “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory…” I love the idea that Jesus can shine through my life as I live for His glory.

Gary Durbin is the worship arts director at Orchard Church in Denver, Colorado. He is also a blogger and a songwriter and is passionate about serving the local church. He has released two full-length albums in the last several years and two EP’s in the last few years with songs that are completely geared for corporate worship – “Kingdom EP” (2010) & “Jesus EP” (2012). Gary has had his songs recognized by Myrrh Records,, the Purpose Driven Worship Conference,, CCLITV and SongDiscovery.


Download Radiance (mp3) | Download Radiance – Chart in Ab

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