World Wide Worship – Volume 1

admin —  October 18, 2005 — 53 Comments

Hey Ya’ll –

Today’s podcast is a “new thing”. Rather than send out a podcast featuring new music, new artists, etc., I decided to just “minister”.

I feel like we get so busy that we seldom take the time to stop, listen, pray, and worship. That’s what this podcast is all about. I’ve led a 22 minute worship session for you.

It’s kinda like this – if I ministered at your church and then said “OK, does anyone want for me to go home and be there for you in the morning so I can sit down, play, pray, and lead you into a time of worship …”? If you would say “Sure” … this is for you.

Disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever been a great vocalist. For years, songs and worship stayed “bottled up” inside of me because of my great insecurity about my “lack” of ability to sing. Over the years, God has stripped away that insecurity to the point where I don’t really care anymore – it’s all about Him, and if you can bear with my singing, I hope you’ll find a place in His Presence.

Also, as I’ve listened to the podcast, I realize that I should have gotten into the “ministry” a lot quicker instead of just “talking”.


This is a trial run … I would like to continue sending “new songs”, “new artists”, etc., through the Highest Praise Worship Podcast, but I also have a strong passion right now about leading others into that place of “worship in spirit and truth”. As a result, I’ve created this episode – a way that I can lead you, the listener, into a time of personal worship.

So, don’t just sit and listen to this … yield to it. If “now” isn’t the time to really worship with this podcast, save it for later – get alone, or join with your friends, spouse, or others … turn down the lights (if you like) … close your eyes, and allow me to minister to you, and allow yourself to minister TO GOD and to receive ministry FROM GOD.

If this blesses you, please let me know by leaving a COMMENT below. If the response is positive, I’ll likely create a totally separate podcast on a new page, new feed, etc., and do this often. It was very fulfilling today in creating this time of ministry. I look forward to your response.

World Wide Worship – Volume 1

1) Intro, Vision – 6:10
2) Ministry, Worship, and Prayer
Play Button for The Highest Praise Worship Podcast

“Draw Near” Lyrics:

You have given me the Spirit of the Truth
And now my heart cries out to You, “Abba Father”.
You have given me the Spirit of the Truth
And now my heart cries out to You.

Draw near. I hear Your voice calling me.
Draw near. I hear Your voice calling me.

I will behold You. Rest my head upon Your shoulders.
I will forever sing of Your mercies. (repeat)

For the Kingdom,
Fred F. McKinnon

53 responses to World Wide Worship – Volume 1

  1. Fred, this is great! I lead worship for our small group and I can totally see using this as an option to my leading.

  2. Listening from Miami.

    I would personally love to hear more of this.

    This is great to just seek the Lord together.

    Even though I won’t seek Him together with you in the flesh in the present, in the spirit, in eternity we WILL have come together to worship the Lord as one spiritual body.

    I would like this separate from what your trying to do with your podcast at present.

    I have been blessed. And as I listen to you final comments, 2-3 times a weeks sounds like a wonderful idea.

  3. Hi Fred,

    It’s me again. I’ve looked forward to this new podcast episode everyday! Kept checking this page every now and then and thank you very much for this very inspiring session. This is awesome. I was truly blessed to the core while worshipping along with you. Amazing how the good Lord touches hearts halfway across the globe with your ministry..

    Looking forward to many more episodes of this type in the coming days. You’ll be in my prayers brother.

    Keep serving Jesus,
    Allan from Manila, Philippines.

  4. This “Prophetic Psalming” worship just blows me away! It is awesome. I, too, would like to see this separate from your podcast, and just much more of what you did here. I intend to share a CD of this with my worship team at church. I loved playing tin whistle, low D tinwhistle, and Irish Wooden Flute right along with your voice and piano.I have been doing this sitting at my computer and playing along with recordings of Celtic Christian tunes from brothers I worship with and hear on the net. The website I tune to is:
    And I have been playing for an “AUDIENCE OF ONE” for the past 5 years now in this manner, so I was more than blessed with this podcast. You truly heard from the Lord!

    Don (Woodson Irish Music)
    Midland, Texas

  5. Hey Fred:

    I like this podcast format, it is awesome… just like being in the same room worshipping with friends, and the Lord’s personal touch upon us. I’ve been out of the loop for a year since losing my parents and preparing to move our household, combining with my Father-in-law into one house with us.

    I usually have to go to my church to have a personal time of worship, when I’m not preparing to lead at my church or on an outreach. I’m listening to the podcast right now, and it’s like getting a sermon, worship time and fellowship at once. It is difficult in my home to find quiet time away from the family.

    I pray that others who know they must lead balanced lives in their families / jobs / churches / ministries… will listen to this HPP Worship Resource that can encourage us to draw closer to Lord. He really is the air we breathe, and while seasons of life change… He does not. There is always joy and welcome in His open arms, that is where our refuge is secure. Keep up the podcasts… I’ll be tuning in when I can. .


    Lisa Simon

  6. Hey Fred:

    I like this podcast format, it is awesome… just like being in the same room worshipping with friends, and the Lord’s personal touch upon us. I’m listening to the podcast right now, and it’s like getting a sermon, worship time and fellowship at once. The song is very anointed by the way.


    Lisa Simon

  7. Hey Don from Midland, TX –
    Great to hear from you … guess what – I’m flying out to Midland in the morning and will be performing in “Piano Praise” at St. Lukes UMC in Midland Sunday AM and PM.

    God bless,

  8. Hey Fred,
    This poscast was very uplifting and ministered to my spirit. I have been going through some some issues too but this podcast lifted and encouraged me to press on in the Spirit to new heights.

  9. Clearly the Spirit drew me to hear God through you this morning. Thank you for following His leading! I am very blessed! It was just what I needed! Praise God!

  10. Blessing from Holland.

    A lot of greetings!

  11. Blessings from Holland


  12. Fred,

    This was awesome. I saw that the episode was downloaded on Tuesday, but I had not had a chance to listen to it until this morning (Saturday) and it was exactly the message needed for my heart. This week my family found out that my aunt at age 49 has pancreatic cancer, one of the most vicious and sneaky forms of cancer. Phillipians 4:6 – Amen! I would love for you to keep this style and hope that you are able as the spirit moves you to record these worship sessions. Some mornings it is just great to be able to wake up and while I’m in the shower have worship going – what a difference it makes to start the day giving thanks.

    Bless you and thank you – please keep my family in your prayers and I will continue to pray for you.

    Portland, OR

  13. Fred,

    This was what I needed today. I love God’s presence. I desire to be in it always. This podcast helped me in the preparation for tomorrow’s worship service. Keep them coming.

    May God bless you.

    New Jersey, USA

  14. Fred,

    This was what I needed today. I love God’s presence. I desire to be in it always. This podcast helped me in the preparation for tomorrow’s worship service. Keep them coming.

    May God bless you.

    Scotch Plains, NJ

  15. Fred,
    I believe your burden is indeed from the Lord. This is so needed in the body of Christ. This will help us to be the true worshippers that the Father is seeking. I found this podcast because I was searching for a similar format as This is even better because of your personal touch. Thank you for your ministry. I look forward to listening in the future.
    Dallas, Texas

  16. Fred,
    This is great! I am listening from Scottsdale, Arizona and I’m 54 years old. I hope and pray this ministry will be blessing to many and it will grow. Looking forward to hear more. Thank you.

  17. I’m listening from Texas….right on the border with Mexico. I’m the praise and worship director at our local church and I think we really need more of this. I was really blessed by this podcast and would personally love to have more like this. To be able to just take a time and worship God in the midst of everything. Its really a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  18. I’m listening from Texas….right on the border with Mexico. I was very blessed by this podcast and I believe we definately could use more of this. To be able to set some time aside to just worship God in the midst of everything is just a beautiful, beautiful thing. Thanks so much.


  19. Fred,
    My husband, son and I attended the Worship Under the Stars. It was a blessing to gather with so many Christians from the area and worship in unity like that. We’ve just begun attending Christian Renewal Church of St. Simons the past few weeks and have been enjoying it. We received the e-mail with the link for the podcast and I just listened to it. I sat and closed my eyes and worshipped. It was kind of different, worshipping via the internet, but God can’t be boxed in and He is a creative God. I think the podcasts can be a wonderful way for believers to worship “wherever” and “whenever.” It ministered to me and I know it will to others. If God enables you, I think you should continue with this idea and endeavor. Thank you for doing this. God bless your efforts. I couldn’t find the spot on the website to e-mail my comments, so I went to the church’s website to get your e-mail address.

    Laurie Vanderkleed
    Brunswick, GA

  20. Fred, this is really good. i just listened to it a week later and for some reason it still helped me i fell refreseed i gave all myself to god. fred i hope you do this more.

  21. Listening from South Africa. Totally loved this format! Playing it at the office at the moment, but know that I’m gonna use this podcast as a vehicle to have intimate times of worship before my King while driving along the freeway, or cycling or wherever I go. Keep up the good work.

  22. Patrice in St. Louis, MO October 27, 2005 at 2:44 pm

    I really enjoyed this, and hope you do more. What a blessing to feel the spirit of this podcast while I’m at work! We need this — humbling ourselves and going to God — all the time. Thank you for this and I hope you do more.

  23. Andy – Birmingham AL October 27, 2005 at 3:00 pm

    Wonderful time of worship. I hope you will be able to continue this ministry.

  24. wow!! great… i really love the music… hope to have a CD of that…
    im so blessed to catch this site coz its really good.
    it brings me into the pressence of GOD…

  25. I will sing of your mercies..
    Praise the Lord!
    God bless you in your work.

  26. I wept in the presence of the Lord as you led worship during this podcast. I am a worship leader in my church who rarely gets the opportunity to just minister to the Lord without the responsibility of leading others. I was feeling so empty and so very much in need of just letting the Lord minister to me. Thank you for the opportunity to worship with you.

  27. Fred,
    Thanks for your heart after God’s. I’m a youth leader/worship leader/missionary from a church in Bend, OR. My cousin, Jay Smith has crafted a legal copyright that protects worship music, but doesn’t charge royalties for the use of songs. Song writers, musicians, translators, and more can use songs or parts of songs, re-record them, podcast them, etc. free of charge (provided you follow the “no compromise general public liscense” rules for protection of the music’s author). You can check all of this out at, along with free MP3 downloads, chord charts and more. Also check out for more GPL worship music. My worship team has done another CD that has a few songs on nocomp, and my brother has some more. None of us have broken into the world of podcast, but if you like anything you hear that has that liscense on it, go for it! And let me know if you need more info.
    Hope to hear more soon!

  28. Fred,
    I’m a worship leader in Bend, OR. My cousin, Jay Smith, has created a general public liscense that protects worship music while still enabling to give it away for free. Check out for more info, as well as for lots of free music protected under this copyright. None of us have broken into the podcast world yet, so feel free to use the stuff, and let me know if you want more info. Thanks for your ministry!

  29. Dorene from Lubbock, Texas October 28, 2005 at 3:15 am

    WOW! Thank you so much for being led and sharing your ministry. I am a worship leader and it is so awesome to have the opportunity to have someone else lead me into His presence. I hope there is more of this to come.

  30. Great stuff!!!

    I pray that God continues to use these PodCasts. May I encourage you to keep working on this part of your ministry.


  31. Brian Daniel – Atlanta, GA October 28, 2005 at 12:06 pm

    What an awesome experience, to take a break from my hectic work day and listen to this podcast in my office. It gave me the strength I needed today to refocus my thoughts and to push away the stress of the day. HE is really all we need, if we will seek HIM during our trials. I appreciate your ministry to others, Fred, and I know others agree with me, as obivous by the number of comments above mine. I pray for this type of ministry from you to continue to grow and develop. Perhaps you could even invite others to join you in the studio to perform with you on your next cast. (Perhaps the Heidler brothers??? 😉

    Until then, my Brother, keep on doing what you do. Yours is truly a gift from God!

  32. Michael Connick October 28, 2005 at 3:08 pm


    Your worship podcast was just awesome. I live in Charleston, WV but travel lots for business. I listened to this podcast last night on a plane from Philadelphia to Charleston and it was very moving to me. God bless you for all your work!


  33. Thank you so much. I am also a worship leader…and at this point – a fatiqued worship leader. And over the last few days I have been trying to work thru some conflicts between two other members. I was feeling rather lost and unsure. Your podcast arrived in my email this morning. I went to this site and copied it to a CD and brought it over to church with me. I sat alone….at the altar in my worship home and allowed you to minister to me. You did more than you will ever know. I cried and sang and prayed. I felt some healing. And now I have passed it on to the one member in conflict who needs it most. I think I have laid the groundwork – now the Spirit can take over and I believe that my friend and sister in ministry will hear the Spirit speak truth into her heart as well. More of these would be very welcome.

  34. You will never know how much you ministered to this very weary worship leader. I took a CD to my church….sat all alone near the altar and just listened to your voice. Cried, prayed and found God. Thank you.

  35. Thank you for the poscast. I listened tonight, friday night. I Pastor a full gospel independent church and we believe in Sirit lead worship.

    Thank You

  36. This is such a great concept for the outcast and far away. Of which I am both. I am living in Germany working for the Army helping to serve our troops. True worship is slim pickins and I am always hungry for musical worship. WWW is a great concept! Don’t stop!

    Also, at home I’ve not been able to go to a truly worshiping church becauseo of my sexual orientation. I am a committed living Christian who happens to be gay. I am at peace with God about this part of my life, however the average church is not, so it is difficult to go without having to hide and that I won’t do. I walk in truth. Your podcast allows me some real close time with God…

    Now for a couple of critiques. I hope that you will do less rambling and more prayer and song and encouragement. Honestly, I fastforwarded through all the advertisements and non speak…

    Be at peace…

  37. Really enjoyed worshipping with you on an early Sunday morning in preparation for leading worship with my worship team.
    Elman A./Thibodaux Family Church/Louisisana

  38. Listening from New Zealand. Great stuff! Would like to hear more of your free worship. it ministered to my heart. Thanks for following the Spirit.

  39. Fiona here from ‘Downunder’ at Deakin University. This was great. I downloaded it at work and sat in my office with my eyes closed at the end of the day and refreshed myself before returning to my family. Thankyou. P.S What sort of mic and relevant software were you using or wa it just a good MP3 recording device? Fiona Phillips

  40. The Lord really ministered to me through this. There were parts that were exactly what I needed to hear.

    Thank you, and I hope you do it again.

  41. Fred,
    God bless you for your committment to the call from God to worship. God is moving thru your music in ways that will exceed all that you envision. Your call to the nation to worship has changed lives accross this world and nations will assume a posture of worship – just thru your obedience. Continue to do all that He has called you to do. You truely have blessed me here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am a worshiper, a psalmist, a preacher, evagelist, preacher and teacher who walks in God’s presence and He is pleased. The worship is as a sweet fragrance to God and He is pleased with all that you’ve done. I am with God right now at my desk at work! – a product of your faithful committment to the call for worship. May God continue to open doors for you and His favor continue to pour out onto all that you do.

    For those reading these comments… get into God’s presence. There are so much that God wants to speak in your heart and to give you – but you got to dwell in his presence. You get in God’s presence thru your worship. It is there that we access the heavenlies; it is when we assume the posture of worship and give God what is due – that God can do the rest! He wants to have a relationship with you. He wants to talk to you, to answer your questions, to speak peace in your busy and seemingly complicated life.

    Again, Fred. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness to God’s call to worship. You want to know more about this commentor, visit my website: www. In the last day God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh – men and women – bond and free – the death and hearing – the disabled – all flesh!

  42. From Perth, Western Australia. Thanks heaps Fred, I took it to work and found myself “down tools” (I’m self employed – it’s ok!!)and just spending time with God for a few minutes. Very interested to hear more. Great time of ministry.

  43. Hi, I live in San Jose, CA and I absolutely love your Podcast. It’s the first I have subscribed too and I am really enjoying the praise and worship.

    Thank you so very much.

  44. Hi Fred,
    I am a new subscriber. I love Podcasts and have been listening to different ones for some time now. From the first note of the piano in your podcast I knew there was something different. This was not a podcast you listen to on the run, in your car or while your busy with other things. I immediately stopped listening and waited until this past Sunday. I rode my bike to a neaby park, spread out a blanket on the ground, layed down, stared at the clear blue sky, turned on your podcast and entered the presence of God. You asked for feedback and I’m giving it. I hope you do this as absolutely often as you can. What an awesome experience. What an awesome opportunity to bump into God.

  45. Hi there. This time of worship is so desperately needed in everyones lives.Please keep this up. If you did it every day I would listen every day. Please follow the perfect not permissive will of God for your life. Love in Brotherhood through Christ Jesus.


  46. Thank you for your worship posted 10-18. I am a new pastor here in Honolulu and have been very blessed by your ministry and the heart that shines through what you do. You encouraged my walk with Christ. Thank you & keep on singing!

  47. What an awesome ministry this is. I stumbled upon it while searching for worship songs. What a wonderful God we serve. I am at a low place right now and I needed a pick me up. This podcast did just that and so much more. What a blessing you are! This touched my soul. God Bless You!

  48. fred, listening from Philippines. My family and I are here to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and multiply disciples, leaders and house churches.


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